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Non-fluffy pagans in the southern hemisphere

Non-fluffy pagans in the southern hemisphere

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Community owner & moderator: sunvenus email address la235 @ hotmail. com (remove the spaces in order to use this email address).

This community is for non-fluffy pagans who reside in the southern hemisphere, or those who are southern hemisphere natives who now live elsewhere. We also welcome non-fluffy pagans from all over the globe who wish to discuss paganism and other matters with southern hemisphere folks of like mind. It is not intended to replace any other community; rather it is here as an alternative for serious discussion of paganism in all its many facets.

Though we have a similar name to the incredible nonfluffypagans community, this forum is not meant in any way to take its place- the similarities lie in the name, and in the direction we wish to take. We also highly recommend that if you are not already a member of nonfluffypagans, then you should join- go now! We'll wait 'til you come back. ;-)

Are you back? Good. You'll enjoy nonfluffypagans, the brilliant & insightful members there will knock your socks off.

Now for the rules of this community:

Please note: These guidelines are still under construction, but for the time being our rules are simple:

1) No spellbegging or prayer requests
2) No netspeak or silly typing affectations
3) Be prepared to back up your claims and/or provide resources to your information
4) No sharing of oathbound materials
5) Please make sure that all your posts in this community are given the "friends only" designation.
6) Snarking is okay, but should not be the focus of this community
7) LJ cuts- learn them, use them.
8) Spend some time reading through old posts & comments to get a feel for the group & the subjects we discuss. This will also help you to become familiar with our terminology which is fairly specific and may be a bit different than that of other forums/communities/message boards.
9) Please be sure to "watch" the community in addition to joining it.
10) Bring your sense of humour and joy of learning!

Rules can (and likely will) be added to or modified as needed.

Membership is moderated, and posts by new members are moderated 'til we determine that you are definitely not a troll.

Members are not added automatically. The moderator reserves the right to investigate your profile, read your posts on other communities you may belong to, and even contact you with questions about why you’d like to join this group. If you are a known troll, troublemaker, or just your average, garden variety asshat, you likely will not be accepted- your reputation precedes you and you will not be welcome here.

If you have a brand new journal or a journal with no public entries, your membership may not be accepted until we have communicated with in some way and have gotten to know a bit about you and your reason(s) for wanting to join this community. This is to prevent trolls & sockpuppets from joining simply to play games and otherwise f*** with the community.

If you have any questions, please contact the community owner/moderator at the email address listed above.


The issue with "bunnies" (aka fluff bunnies, fluffy bunnies, fluffies, etc.): The fluffy menace is rearing its head in many of our communities, both on the 'net and in person. Contrary to popular belief, the term "fluffy" doesn't mean someone with a positive attitude or someone who is a newcomer to paganism, but instead refers to the a state of wilful & deliberate ignorance in adult pagans who ought to know better. It indicates a lack of even the most basic scholarship in the various branches of paganism, and an unwillingness (or inability) to work hard, practice & research legitimate sources of information. Fluffies tend to think that they are always being persecuted, and that pagans who hold to traditions and tried & true methods of training are “out to get them”. To the bunny hordes, spells are the answer to all their (usually) self-induced troubles, and magick is the same thing as wishing. They tend to claim that they “use” the deities (rather than building relationships with them)- in fact they often don’t even believe in the gods! Fluff bunnies are often baffled by terminology & concepts common to serious pagans, and they revere frauds & huckster authors such as $ilver RavingLunatic, A.J. Drew, Fiona Horne, Edain McCoy, and D.J. Conway (merely a few examples from a rather long list). Fluff bunnies are noted for their propensity to have temper tantrums and flounce out of communities, usually occurring after someone with more experience and training than them doesn't validate one of their whims or cater to their delusions. Bunnies can usually be spotted by their adoption of silly, unearned titles and the penchant for treating all paganism as a dress up game. They also like to imagine that TV shows like “Buffy” and “Charmed” actually contain truth about Wicca and paganism, and shape their personas to fit these overblown fictional characters.

Needless to say, if you are a bunny and you post your nonsense on this community, be prepared to deal with the aftermath. In some cases we will do our best to give you an honest, considered answer (even if it is to refer you elsewhere), but attention-seeking histrionics will get you nothing but laughter at your expense, a reputation for rampant stupidity, and probably a banning from this community (unless of course you are much too useful a source of snark, then we may toy with you for a bit).