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Non-fluffy pagans in the southern hemisphere
Non-fluffy pagans in the southern hemisphere
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7th-May-2007 02:51 am - PagaNZ! (crossposting)
Hi Everyone,

We're delighted to announce that the PagaNZ website
is now live and ready for visitors!

Please throw your support behind this venture - we're really enthusiastic about it and we know others will be too!



and on behalf of
10th-Nov-2006 10:53 pm - Ethics
going native
Would you do magical work on someone else without their permission?

What do you consider to be permission? Do you need a signed document or would asking and gaining permission in spirit suffice?

What about if someone you knew wanted to do magical work with you? Would you require an approach for permission or would you be ok with them asking you in spirit?

And if someone crossed your boundaries, what would you do?
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